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Attention: Women Entrepreneurs looking to change the world  – it’s time for your Big Vision Success: building sustainable and pr0fitable business, without sacrificing relationships, health, and doing what you love.

Are you the Big Vision Success woman who:

  • Started your business to escape the grind of the corporate life?
  • Wanted to do the work you love, while earning good income?
  • Imagined the freedom of having time while being your own boss?
  • Anticipated wonderful people as your clients?
  • Expected to have time for fun-filled family weekends and vacations?
  • Planned romantic dates with your significant other, after the energy-fueled work days?
  • Imagined being vibrant and happy as your business grew?

Are you still the same woman, but with a different reality:

  • Getting clients is a struggle and you accept those who deplete you instead of energize.
  • There is so much on your plate, you no longer know what to do first.
  • You ask: “Will the dream of the freedom will ever become real and do I still love what I do?”
  • Your husband is asking: “When will you start making money?” and you feel guilty for not “pulling your weight” at home and financially.
  • You haven’t had a fun-filled weekend or vacation in awhile and if you did you couldn’t stop thinking about the big To Do list.
  • You wonder if you traded the Job monster, with vacation, sick days and regular paycheck, for the Business monster with none of these benefits.
  • You are tired, overwhelmed and want peace and joy back in your life.

Here is the good news. You can have success on your own terms – when you switch from the Success Chaser to the Success Strategist .

I was once the Success Chaser described above and so were many of my clients. For me it brought money, industry recognition and a notion of success that in retrospect proved completely misguided. It also brought marriage issues, escalating health problems and identity based on the outside measures of success. It was my bout with breast cancer that made me realize my life and business need to change. The system I developed helped me and my cleints achieve this change.

This state of the art proprietary system  “Fabulous Life” helps women like you become Success Strategists. It helps build your business based  on your own terms with the goal of the business to support, rather then sacrifice, your relationships, health, financial, physical, and emotional freedom.

My life is now better than it has ever been before and yours can be too. Become Success Strategist and live the Fabulous Life as do other members of the Big Vision Success community.

Here is how to take the first step:

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Faina Sechzer, Basic Author


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